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Physical security

Without a doubt, the presence of a competent, well-trained security officer can do more than to just establish a controlled sense of authority, calmness, and safety to anyone who desires protection against unknown or known forces.

We work 24/7 to ensure we're always available when you need us.

Armed & Unarmed Security Officers​

As a result of their being subjected to a rigorous and comprehensive training, security officers are tactically ready to secure the environment and protect against any potential threat to the life of those they are assigned to protect. The highly visible presence of a security officer alone is most times a proactive way to deter criminals from carrying out their criminal activities. Their extensive professional qualification and comprehensive training allow them to ward off any actual security or crime threat efficiently.

In fact, there is no limit to the service that a competent security officer will provide you. The fact that they are highly trained to basically protect human being from threats to life cannot be taken for granted. Aside from that, they are also indispensable when matters of assets and properties protection are brought into the frame.

There are several events, organizations, and venues that would benefit from the high visibility presence of a well-trained and diligent security officer. Banks and other financial institutions, public events like a football match, casinos, political rally or events are typical examples of events, venues or situation that require the presence of not even one but several security officers to maintain law and order. Although these are the common environments that hire security officers, there are other locations as well that would benefit from the added protection and customized service of a competent security officer.

If you require high-level private security to secure your business premise, our competent security officers will provide you maximum security service that guarantees peace of mind via vigilant patrolling, expert and comprehensive security analysis, venue access control and thorough population assessment. You have got nothing to worry about when you hire our team for security purposes. After assessing your security need, we may decide whether a single security officer is sufficient for your needs, or whether the nature of your business environment will require more than one officer – a team of security experts.

Security You Can Depend On

At Black Box Security, our competent security officers are subjected to a variety of training and professional operation which include but not limited to EMS certification, crisis management, self-defense, firearms licensing and training, advanced communication and operational leadership. Several of our staff members also possess professional development and advanced academic degrees in the field of law enforcement, public safety, military operation and private investigation.

Licensed to operate and carry a lethal weapon, our security officers enable you to conduct business and enjoy your life with complete peace of mind through their dedicated service and excellent co-operation. Knowing that you have invested prudently in your professional or personal safety, we guarantee you maximum protection from the physical evils lurking around you. Don’t gamble with your safety, ensure that the responsibility of your protection is left in the hands of the true professionals.

Our security officers are well prepared and groomed to efficiently respond to all security threats on premises – whether events, home, or business environment. They are licensed and legally qualified to make use of their arm weapon when the need arises to combat and eliminate threats in case of warranted criminal activity. Through impeccably and seamlessly prepared security synchronization, our team of competent security officers will implement an effective and thorough strategy to ensure the security of your residence, events, business environment or professional venue.


When it comes to providing clients with the greatest available level of response capability and security coverage, we are the key to success in risk prevention and security.

Certified Professionals

Our group consists of licensed, professional security personnel equipped with all the tools required to execute comprehensive security checks, communication, and apprehensions. Our mobile security patrols are trained to swiftly and effectively respond to any current or potential security threats. Suitable for range of clients, mobile security patrols are perhaps the most proactive way to prevent criminal from carrying out criminal activities that might affect you, your organization, your business, or your events.

Experienced Personnel

With over a decade years of experience in delivering excellent private security services, we understand what constitutes a successful and effective security service. We know that the most important things in carrying out an efficient and effective operation lie in the quality training of our personnel, fully licensed by relevant security authorities, and a healthy professional relationship with our clients built upon excellent customer services and communication.

What is security patrol?

You might even be asking what security patrol is all about. Security patrol is a highly effective way of dealing with criminal behavior, unwanted intruders or other disruptions that might pose threats to your personal property, business or organization. We operate a competent team of experienced security experts that is more than capable of neutralizing any security threat found in the patrol area. We deploy small groups of well-trained security guards to patrol a given location at a pace arranged by our clients. Suitable for Businesses, organization or for personal protection, our patrol teams will ensure that the entire area that requires security coverage is patrolled and monitored and real-time information relayed back to the client through state-of-the-art information and communication equipment mounted in all of our mobile patrol vehicles.

Secure community

Are you a homeowner troubled by criminal activities in your neighborhood? Maybe you’re even part of a community-based security initiative tasked with protecting your community from criminal activities. There is no better way to create a sense of security and safety than to arrange for our mobile security patrol to secure and monitor your community. Our patrols work closely with local authorities, residents and community organizations to ensure order and safety are maintained to the highest degree. Having our mobile patrol in place will ensure that there is an effective and immediate security response to criminal activity or antisocial behavior taking place in your neighborhood. What’s more? Our residential mobile patrol services are affordable, with costs being kept to a minimum owing to our consciousness of how important it is for everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy secure and safe communities.

Stress-free safety

In a residential situation, our mobile security patrol consists of a team of security professionals who conduct mobile patrols within an area specified by you during your initial security consultation with us. These patrols provide an unparalleled level of security and order for your neighborhood. Our security patrol team responds to security threats or criminal behavior swiftly. Our team of security experts works closely with local police and residents when a security threat is identified, without wasting time to respond to ensure that the risk is mitigated as soon as possible. There is no better way to maintain a sense of security and safety in your neighborhood than through our mobile patrol service. As a result of the rise in crime rate, many communities are faced with the tough decision of how to mitigate and neutralize these criminal activities and antisocial behavior. We are here for you during these difficult times.

Catered to your needs

In all, our team of expert security personnel will provide physical protection for you and/or your patrons by carrying out current on-site surveillance, assessing actual or any potential threats, and enforcing security by suppressing or eliminating any criminal activity on your premises. No matter the nature or how expensive and detailed your security need may be, our staff is committed and qualified to help you achieve the goal of establishing a safe and comfortably secure environment.

We Make the Difference in Physical Security.

With over a decade experience providing unrivaled private security arrangements to people and businesses, we understand that security is essential for residential groups and business organizations alike. There is really no better way to ensure order, safety, and security than through our mobile security patrol. We offer a highly visible security presence and provide an excellent client-security provider communication. We offer a cost-competitive and highly-professional security service that will definitely exceed your expectations and protect your interests.


  • 910-504-9800
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