If you’re looking to have your existing network expanded, you’re lucky you found us. We can install more network drops to improve your computer network scalability and enrich your network experience. We provide reliable, quick, and top-quality service that is guaranteed to meet your vital needs. We understand the nature of computer networks and will handle your project professionally.

Here at Black Box Security, you are the core of our operation; our success depends on your satisfaction. Hire us to install, manage and expand your computer network.

Whether you want to install it in a new building, rewire an existing building, or upgrade and repair the current installation, we are your solution for wired and wireless networking installation and maintenance.

Our IT & Networking Solutions

Whether your problem is with modems, routers, networking software, or operating system setup, we will handle the troubleshooting perfectly and come up with practical solutions. If you need any type of network, contact us to build it for you.

Let Black Box offer solutions to all your networking needs. We will listen to your questions and concerns and offer top-notch support to help you bring about the network that best suits your need. We are confident to tell you that no one can match our desire to ensure that our customers succeed. Your problems become ours the moment you reach out to us. Let us handle any issue you might encounter with wired or wireless networking. We will treat your concerns and allow you to concentrate your effort on the critical issues in your day-to-day activities.

Wired & Cabled Installations

We can help you install “network drops” or additional cable installation at any location of your choice, whether an existing location or a location that is in the construction phase. We will help you expand your existing computer network by installing more network drops to alleviate the growing pains you might experience. We provide robust solutions that guarantee your satisfaction by meeting all your critical needs. We understand what your needs are and will handle your wired and cable installation accordingly.

Wireless Network Installations

A wireless network provides the crucial computing convenience that individuals around the world seek. From offices to homes to coffee shops to fast-food establishments, wireless networking has become an integral part of our lives. At Black Box Security, we are proud to offer our clients an array of professional services to keep their wireless network connections working properly. We understand how important an active wireless network can be to business and residential customers alike. Whether we are providing service to network three computers or hundreds of thousands of computers, we ensure to always provide each of our customers with a superior level of service. We respond swiftly to all of your issues on wireless network components to ease your growing pains.


Wireless Networks

Hardwired Networks

Network Configuration

Cable and Wiring Installation