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We provide full investigative services and have been assisting individuals, businesses, and government agencies with their investigation for over a decade.

Have you always been stuck on where to go whenever you the need for private investigator arises?

There is a need to be extra careful when you hire one. Don’t waste your money and time hiring somebody who might not be able to carry out the job to your satisfaction. We are a group of reliable, competent, professional and accredited industry leader in the private investigation business. We provide full investigative service and have been assisting individuals, businesses, and government agencies with their investigation for over a decade. Our services comprise Background check, asset investigation, Auto accident investigations, corporate investigation, infidelity investigation, process serving, child custody investigations, etc. With a team of well-trained investigators, field specialists and process server, we guarantee quality service delivery to ensure we achieve the best outcome for you. Our services are affordable to ensure you get maximum satisfaction for every penny spent on your job.

Investigative Services

Whether you are getting involved in a business venture or a romantic relationship, a fortune 500 company hiring a CEO or a single Mom that wants to hire a nanny to watch over your children while you’re at work, prevention is truly better than cure! In this age, a small investment on the front end of a new personal or corporate relationship may save you thousands of dollars from fraud, or expensive litigation as result of possessing inadequate information when you decide those entering your home, life or workplace. The truth is, a single phone call won’t be enough when you think you’ve found the ideal person to fill the vacant position in your company, invest your leisure time with or to work in your home in your absence. You definitely need to have his or her background evaluated professionally to minimize the risk involved in making such decisions. Don’t leave your future professional and personal relationships to chance. Get in touch with us today! We conduct detailed background investigations for:

  • New love interests
  • Babysitters, daycare or nanny services
  • Landscaping services
  • Construction contractors
  • Maid services
  • Prospective business partners

We provide in-depth, thorough, asset investigations to identify the variety of commonly held assets you should know about to help you make important decisions regarding child support, judgment, debtor examination hearings, alimony and other situations where other parties attempt to hide their financial asset information. We render asset investigation services to individuals, government agencies, corporate organizations, financial agencies, etc. Our investigations, irrespective of the issue involved, are executed in complete privacy. Our trained and competent staff possess years of experience in asset location cases and extend utmost professionalism to all clients. We can locate and discover hidden assets such as:

  • Corporate entities and businesses owned
  • Bank accounts
  • Luxury vehicles, boats, and planes
  • Stocks, bonds, and other investments
  • Property ownership
  • Patents
  • Safe deposit boxes

Your business’ future is too important to be exposed to any financial risk. You need to be abreast of everything going on in your business to ensure it’s smoothly and effectively running. In today’s business clime, errors make huge differences. Our investigators will help you discover the truth, so you can have peace of mind. Our investigators are licensed, insured, bonded, professional and discreet. Our corporate investigative services include:

  • Enforcement of confidentiality agreements
  • Executive and management background checks
  • Fraud investigation
  • Sweeps for video or listening devices
  • Embezzlement investigation
  • Fraudulent claims investigation
  • Trade secrets investigation

Our auto accident investigations provide you with required information to make a fair and accurate determination of liability or fault. On request, we can also carry out a background check of opposition witnesses to ascertain if their testimony would be credible. We also provide background investigation to help refute the testimony of opposition’s witnesses. We conduct parallel investigations to help the police carry out a thorough and complete auto accident investigation. Our auto accident investigations include:

  • Review of police reports
  • Evaluation of skid marks and roadway damage
  • Review of accident scene photography
  • Inspection and photography of vehicular damage
  • Provide accurate speed-skid estimates
  • Determine roadway and weather conditions
  • Conduct driver history searches.
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Locate and interview all witnesses
The thought of the unfaithfulness of a spouse is something no one would like to accommodate, but sometimes, it is hard to ignore the signs. Whether you need the truth just for your peace of mind or as part of a divorce proceeding, we can provide you with the truth. We understand the sensitivity of this information to those affected, and we aim to ensure we provide all clients with facts and answers to haunting suspicions about infidelity. We understand that every case is unique and has its own set of circumstances; we ensure you find the truth to aid your healing process. Our objective is to carry out the surveillance at strategic times we are sure the subject is most likely to engage in infidelity or cheating.
Our private investigators serve legal documents in support of criminal and civil process on persons including complaints, writs, subpoenas, summonses and other legal documents. Your case depends upon the proper and timely service of legal documents to subject involved. We are not process servers that just knock on the door and walk away without effecting process service. We specialize in implementing difficult process service. We will serve your legal document where they’re needed when they’re needed, as they’re needed! When you need confidentiality, don’t trust your private investigations to amateurs. Hire our service today, and you won’t regret ever dealing with us.

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  • 910-504-9800
  • clientservices@blackboxsecurity.us
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