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Looking for residential solutions for your home?

CCTV Systems

A video surveillance system is your first-line-of defense against break-ins, theft, liabilities, vandalism, and property damage. Installing a high-quality, multi-camera security camera systems at your home, retail store, or business enables you to keep watch 24/7. And, with remote viewing capabilities—you can view your video from wherever you are.


Connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more, for seamless automation and control. Did someone access the inventory room after hours? Was that a false alarm or a real one? Was the alarm turned on tonight? With real-time notifications, remote control and auto-arming, you’ll know what’s happening at your business, and know it’s secure, no matter where you are.

Access Control

We help you find the access control solution that enables you to control and manage physical access to your business—to protect your property, employees, and your assets in Fayetteville, NC. Whether you need an access control products to secure a single door, or hundreds of doors, Black Box Security can provide the best solution for your location. We offer door access control equipment, card readers, access management software and all of the accessories needed to secure multiple entryways and exits at your business.


Black Box Security provides structured cabling solutions and services; with the trusted resources to design and implement your structured wiring and equipment.

Our team of cable installers will perform a needs assessment to determine your current and future requirements and provide the ideal solution for your location—and your budget.

Our team can provide full network cabling services from start to finish—handling everything from design and cable installation to ongoing maintenance.

Cabling Site Surveys

Our security experts will provide a site survey to assess your cabling needs, and determine the best cable type, length, and performance needed for your location.

Network Configuration 

We offer the capability to connect your organization’s network to a data line provided by the telephone company or another vendor and configure your network cabling.

Network Cable Installation

we can provide the solution that best meets your needs. Our security experts can design, install, and maintain any size cabling installation on any network.

Black Box Security provides solutions for many different technologies and in many vertical markets, including Construction, Hospitality, Houses of Worship, Events, Retail, Warehouse Distribution, Manufacturing and much more.


  • 910-504-9800
  • clientservices@blackboxsecurity.us
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