Security Cameras

At Black Box Security, we embody the essence of vigilance that transcends traditional limits. Our camera systems are not just about surveillance; they're about extending your vision and security beyond conventional boundaries.


Sophisticated Features for Unparalleled Security: Our advanced camera systems, equipped with high-definition video, night vision, and motion detection, symbolize our commitment to vigilance. With remote access, monitor your property from anywhere, affirming our promise of security without boundaries.


Customized for Every Space:


Residential Systems: Easy to use and backed by robust support, these systems are designed to extend a protective gaze over your home, keeping your loved ones safe.


Commercial Systems: Tailored for businesses, they offer features like facial recognition and license plate recognition, reflecting our ethos of vigilance in every corner of your enterprise. 24/7 Monitoring - The Epitome of Boundless Vigilance: Our round-the-clock monitoring services exemplify our pledge to vigilance, ensuring that every corner of your property is under constant and careful watch.

Security Officers

Our armed and unarmed security officers at Black Box Security aren't just protectors; they're the embodiment of our ethos - "Vigilance beyond boundaries."


Expertly Trained for Unmatched Vigilance:

Our officers are rigorously trained, and ready to act as your first line of defense, extending your safety beyond the expected.


Adaptable and Comprehensive Security:

From high-profile events to private gatherings, our officers ensure a secure environment, demonstrating our commitment to vigilance in every scenario.


Security Patrols


Our patrols are not just about responding to threats; they're about anticipating and neutralizing them before they can breach your peace.


Community-Oriented Security: Our neighborhood patrols extend our vigilant gaze to your community, ensuring safety and tranquility in your living environment.

Private Investigations

In the spirit of "Vigilance Beyond Boundaries," our private investigation services at Black Box Security are not just about finding information; they're about extending your knowledge and security beyond conventional limits.


Comprehensive Investigative Services


Background Checks: Our in-depth checks ensure that your personal and professional relationships are built on a foundation of trust and safety.


Asset Investigations: Discover hidden truths and make informed decisions with our thorough asset investigations, symbolizing our commitment to vigilance in protecting your interests.


Corporate Investigations: Our investigative prowess extends into the corporate realm, safeguarding your business's future with unmatched diligence.


Specialized Services for Comprehensive Security:


Auto Accident Investigations: Our detailed investigations extend beyond the obvious, providing clarity and accountability.


Infidelity Investigations: We approach these sensitive matters with the utmost discretion, offering clarity and closure.


Process Serving: Our efficient and reliable process serving ensures that legal procedures progress smoothly, reflecting our commitment to thoroughness and accuracy.

Training Academy

Our team of instructors are not just teachers; they are seasoned professionals with extensive field experience. They understand the industry's demands and challenges, ensuring you learn from the best.


Diverse Training Programs


Firearms Training:

Led by National Rifle Association (NRA) certified instructors, this program focuses on safe, effective firearms handling. You'll receive hands-on training in a controlled environment, mastering the fundamentals of firearm safety and operation.


NC Concealed Carry Training:

Tailored to help you obtain a concealed carry permit, this course covers all essential aspects, from firearm safety to state legal requirements. It combines classroom learning with practical range instruction.


State-of-the-Art Training Center

Our training center is a hub of learning and skill development. Here, you will find a supportive environment equipped with the latest tools and facilities, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.


Flexible and Accessible Learning

We understand the demands of a busy schedule. That's why our training programs offer flexibility with weekday and weekend classes, complemented by online options to suit your lifestyle.